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CGSD PRIMARY: Again Gentle reminder regarding the measures against head lice

Date: Jan 22, 2019

CGSD PRIMARY: Again Gentle reminder regarding the measures against head lice

Dear parents,

It is of utmost importance for all of us to realize that proper hygiene is crucial in eliminating head lice. If someone has caught head lice and is not quickly treated, the problem can escalate very fast. Moreover, the untreated child will be, unintentionally, spreading it to others who have already been treated. The more head lice they are carrying, the more likely it is to spread to those around them. Shampooing alone is not an adequate means for eliminating head lice. Nits and live lice must be killed and removed from the scalp.

Further to our several diary notices circulated on 28 Aug, 18 Dec 2018 and 8 Jan 2019, please note that from Sunday, 27 January 2019, a list of students’ names will be maintained with the admins and if found with head lice, each student will be separated from his/her classroom, thoroughly checked, and if not found with any traces of head lice, will be allowed back in class. However, if found with traces of head lice, their parents will be called to take them home, until proper treatment is done and the nits/lice are complete removed. Being "under treatment/ decreasing number of lice" will not be a good reason to allow the child in school. In case your child cannot be picked up, he/she will remain in a separate room, away from other children, under supervision of a teacher, until the time the child is picked up by a parent / guardian.

It is crucial that children who are attending Chittagong Round Square Conference from 25 – 27 January 2019, must be treated with head lice treatment immediately as spreading will be escalated when they will be sharing same space for overnight sleepovers.


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