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CGSD: Precautionary Steps Taken for Dengue

Date: Aug 22, 2019

CGSD: Precautionary Steps Taken for Dengue

Dear Parents,

As we step intothe new academic year 2019-20, we understand that many of our parents are anxious about the dengue epidemic that is currently prevalent in our country. This notice is to update you about the steps that we have taken to ensure a safe environment for the students of CGSD while they are in campus.

Please note the following measures that have been taken by the school:

1. Maintenance of campus cleanliness and dryness at all times.

2. City Corporation fumigation after school hours, 3 times a week.

3. Spreading of incense(dhoop) in all the classrooms, every single day after school hours.

4. Plug-in mosquito repellents in all the classrooms during school hours.

5. In addition, bug bands have been ordered and will be available for sale at the school tuck shop which will work up to 250 hours.


In addition to the above, we would also request our parents to ensure application of Odomos/any other mosquito repellent on the exposed skin of your child/ren before sending them to school.

Thanking you,


CGSD Primary