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Head lice notice

Date: Sep 25, 2019

Head lice notice

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that in order to continue with the eradication of head lice from our school, we have begun yet another drive. We had initiated awareness regarding this issue very strongly from our last academic session and to take this forward, we need your support at home.

What to check for in your child’s hair:

  • Adult lice which are small (about the size of a sesame seed).
  • Eggs (nits) which are usually found firmly attached to the base of the hair shaft.
  • Lice which stay near the scalp, often behind the ears, near the neckline, and back of the head.
  • Signs of a head lice infestation: itchy scalp, tickling sensation in a person’s hair.
  • Please note that head lice hold tightly to the hair. They move by crawling. They cannot hop or fly (they do not have wings), but do move quickly making it difficult to find in a child’s hair.

If your child is found to have head lice, it is important to treat your child. Please begin treatment as soon as possible.


  • An over-the-counter head lice product or a prescribed treatment, for example English Anti Lice shampoo, Millat Anti Lice soap, etc. It is very important that you read and follow all directions on the product’s label.
  • 8-12 hours after treatment, examine your child’s head again. If you see a few lice still around, comb the dead lice and any remaining live lice out of the hair using a fine-toothed nit/lice comb.
  • Re-treatment is generally recommended for most lice medicines after 9-10 days. This should kill any newly hatched lice before they produce new eggs. Be sure to follow the instructions for the product you are using.
  • It is important to check the hair and comb through it with a nit comb every 2-3 days. This will help to remove nits and lice and can decrease the chance of self re-infestation. Do this for 2-3 weeks to be sure all lice and nits are gone.
  • Wash combs, brushes, towels and other hair accessories of the affected person in hot water.

Please note that this is a cautionary measure that is being taken for the betterment of our students, therefore the message is being shared with all our parents. If your child does not have head lice or nits, please disregard the notice.

Thanking you,



CGS-D Primary