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CGSD Primary: Important guidelines for drop-off and pick-up

Date: Sep 30, 2019

CGSD Primary: Important guidelines for drop-off and pick-up

Dear Parents

Firstly, thank you for your continued cooperation in our effort to streamline traffic in front of our school campus, throughout the stretch of the road.  Most parents have been identified to be extremely cooperative but we have also identified breaches of school traffic rules, taking place when drivers are dropping or collecting students. 


Hence, you are requested to carefully read the following important information regarding student drop-off and pick-up. Your compliance will greatly help improve the traffic flow.  Please encourage your drivers to follow these guidelines at all times, especially when you are not in the vehicle.  Please return the acknowledgement slip below with your signature, by pinning to your child’s diary.  Your cooperation and support is greatly appreciated.







Student lock-out times will be strictly enforced with immediate effect.


Please maintain single file traffic and frequently remind your drivers to comply with this. Vehicles must not break queue from second lane of vehicles (designated for non-school traffic). You are also requested to keep black (tinted) glasses rolled down.


a. Please call your class specific Admin to let them know if your child will be late due to unexpected issues.



Please ensure that your vehicle does not arrive BEFORE pick-up time given on Collection Card. It hampers the handover of students in the previous slot if your vehicle is present before your child’s pick-up time.


b. Grace period for delay will not be given to your child if a pattern of delay has been established by your child, even if call is made to Admin.


Traffic Card must be displayed on vehicle dashboard when on Road 24. This aids designated support staffs to identify students and start lining them inside school premises.

NOTE: If needed Traffic Card may be duplicated by parents.  Only one will be issued from school.


c. When lock-out is enforced in your child’s case, you are expected to take them home.  In case you are unable to do so, the child may remain in school in the waiting area until he/she is picked up.  The child will not be allowed to enter the classroom and will be marked absent, missing any assessments carried out that day.


Child will not be handed over without Collection Card. In case it is forgotten, you will need to come inside and sign for your child. Please inform Admin about any changes in information on Collection Card.  Admin will reissue a new Collection Card.  

NOTE:  Only school can reissue a new Collection Card and it cannot be duplicated for any reason.


Ensure that you or your child operates vehicle-door when getting out and in from vehicle.  You are requested not to wait for support staff to open the vehicle-door for students of Class 1 and upwards. You are also requested to keep black (tinted) glasses rolled down.


Please instruct your drivers to maintain respectful behaviour at all times. Misbehaviour with school staffs will not be accepted. 


Encourage your child to carry their own bags as they leave or enter their vehicle.




Thank you,

CGS-D Primary