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CGSD Primary: Science & IT Fair Notice

Date: Oct 02, 2019

CGSD Primary: Science & IT Fair Notice

Dear Parents,

As you have been made aware through the last school newsletter, we shall be holding our Science and IT Fair for the Academic Year 2019-20 on 26 October, 2019. For this purpose, the students along with the Science and IT teachers have been allowed specific hours during school to create their group specific projects. Please be informed that as per the CGS policy, students are not required to meet up with classmates after school hours to do any regular subject related projects (e.g. monthly projects given for History, Literature, English, etc.) and this same rule applies for the projects related to the Science and IT fair.

We are all extremely excited about this event and taking all preparations to make it a grand one. You will receive an invitation along with details about the fair very soon. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Thank you

Event Coordinator

CGS-D Primary