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Lock out Notice

Date: Feb 25, 2020

Lock out Notice

Dear Parents,

Further to our parents’ feedback, we are glad to inform you that we have brought about some changes in the way in which we will enforce lockout from PG – 6 from now onwards. The procedure that will be followed is given below for your ease of understanding. We need your cooperation to get this done in a smooth manner keeping in mind, the bigger picture that this will help us to instill the importance of punctuality in the daily lives of our students.  The revised procedure is given below which will be enforced from 01 March 2020:

For being late for the 1st and 2nd time


Student will be allowed to enter and participate in all activities and assessments. However, he/she will be marked absent on that day and their assessment marks (if any) will not be counted.

On the same day/s, student will receive 1st and 2nd Late-Entry notification (written) respectively.

For being late for the 3rd  time and onward

Student will not be allowed to enter school premises if they arrive after their lockout time.


For your convenience, the lockout timing of all the classes are once again given below:





PG (Morning Shift)

8.:25 am

Class 2

8: 25 am

PG (Day Shift)

11:55 am

Class 3

8:15 am

Nursery (Morning Shift)

8:25 am

Class 4

8:05 am

Nursery (Day Shift)

11:55 am

Class 5

7:55 am


8:45 am

Class 6

7: 45 am

Class 1

8:35 am



Thank you in advance in anticipation to your continued cooperation.


Thank you,