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RS in CGS History

Chittagong Grammar School in Chittagong, Bangladesh is proud to be a global member in Round Square.

Round Square is a world-wide association of more than 210 schools spread accross five continents sharing unique and ambitious goals. Students attending Round Square schools make a strong commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility. This is achieved by participating in community service, work projects, exchange programmes and adventuring, which can, and often does, take students half way around the world. For further information about the Round Square please visit the website

The IDEALS in our school

CGS is an institution that prides itself on being a staunch follower of the Round Square IDEALS ever since it’s inception. Students attending Chittagong Grammar School make a strong commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and the development of the community. Students from various nationalities come together under one roof, and participate in exchanging ideas and cultural perspectives. They learn to be modern citizens, to be adventurous and to lead their peers through participation in RS and school activities. They also learn to look at the environment as a gift and learn to conserve it.

What being a Round Square school means to us

Being an RS school means to us having the opportunity to interact with students, teachers and schools from all over the world, exchanging ideas and thoughts, and breaking new boundaries. It gives us an opportunity to share our culture with the rest of the world and show them what Bangladesh is capable of doing. It also helps our students create bonds with friends from conferences that they will cherish for a life time. But, most importantly being a Round Square school means being part of a platform to develop ourselves into global, socially responsible citizens.