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CGSD Secondary Cl-9 Winter Term ECA Notice

Date: Nov 22, 2018

CGSD Secondary Cl-9 Winter Term ECA Notice

ECA NOTICE                                                             WINTER TERM                                        Date: 22.11.2018

Dear Parents,

We welcome your child/children to the Winter Term ECA 2018-19 which will begin from Sunday, 02 December 2018. We hope they will enjoy their club activities and make an effort to participate wholeheartedly. Students are strongly encouraged to attend regularly. Regular attendance and efficient participation will result in 100% and an A* grade in ECA. When absent, kindly inform the reason of absence to the ECA Admin.

Please note the followings:

  • These ECA sessions will be held every Sunday/Monday/Tuesday or, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday as per the given schedule between 02:45 pm and 03:45 pm. Pick-up time is 3:50 pm.
  • Students of class 6 &7 will remain in their existing ECA clubs.
  • Students of class 8 will need to change their ECA clubs to meet the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) program requirements. Those who took Physical activity in Autumn Term will need to change to a Service/Technical activity and those who took Service/Technical will need to choose a Physical activity.
  • Students of Class 9 will not do ECA for the remainder of this academic year due to O’ level exam preparations. Instead of ECA they will follow the Duke of Edinburgh(DofE) program requirements.

Winter Term ECA classes will be held according to the schedule given below. In case of unexpected closures, it will shift accordingly to Wednesday/Thursday of that week. Any further changes in ECA day or timing due to unexpected closures will be notified through a notice.


1st Week

SUNDAY – 02 DEC’18

MONDAY - 03 DEC’18

TUESDAY  - 04 DEC’18

2nd Week

SUNDAY – 09 DEC’18

MONDAY - 10 DEC’18

TUESDAY  - 11 DEC’18

3rd Week

SUNDAY – 20 JAN’19

MONDAY - 21 JAN’19

TUESDAY  - 22 JAN’19

4th Week

SUNDAY – 27 JAN’19

MONDAY - 28 JAN’19

TUESDAY  - 29 JAN’19

5th Week

SUNDAY – 03 FEB’19

MONDAY - 04 FEB’19

TUESDAY  - 05 FEB’19

6th Week


MONDAY – 11 FEB’19

TUESDAY  - 12 FEB’19

If for any reason, your child/children are unable to attend, please call the ECA Admin by 12:00 pm at 02-58817523, 01743990037, earlier that week or on the day of your child’s ECA. Otherwise, the ECA grades will fall, which in turn will affect the overall academic grades. Please sign and return the acknowledgement below to the Class Teacher by Wednesday, 28 December 2018.

Ruhul Quddus

ECA Supervisor, CGSD-Secondary