CGS is diligently monitoring the current COVID-19 situation and is committed to being responsible and supportive while navigating these difficult times and keeping everyone's safety and well-being in mind.

Welcome to CGS Dhaka Elementary

Deputy Head's Message:

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting the Elementary branch (housing Pre-Play to Class 2) of CGS Dhaka. At CGS-D Elementary, we have a team of champion teachers who are passionate about creating a secured and friendly environment. Our priority is to learn while having fun. Whether you are a student, a potential parent, an existing parent or just curious to know about how we brew magic in class, you are at the right place.

Throughout the year, we enrich our students with knowledge in English, Bangla, Maths, Science, Literature, BD Studies, Environmental Management, Moral studies, Art, IT and Global studies. Alongside our regular subjects, during this pandemic, we have thought about their healthy upbringing by introducing “Mind, Body and Soul program” where we conduct mindfulness, Yoga, Physical Education and Music sessions to keep our students busy in a constructive manner. We also educate our students on the Covid protocols.

We have been hosting all our events virtually and our students have been enthusiastically participating in all the events. Whether it is the Annual Cultural Program, or the  obstacle challenge, or participating in various other events as  celebrating the Victory day, Independence day, celebrating the birthday of the mother and father of the nation, Pitha utsab, Pohela boishakh or celebrating  International mother language day, Gratitude day and many more events that comes our way. Our parents and teachers support keeps us going beyond boundaries and exploring new heights.

We look forward to welcome all potential students to be a part of this wonderful journey at CGS-D Elementary.


Ridwana Ali,

Deputy Head

CGS Dhaka Elementary