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Welcome to Community School

Education is a fundamental human right and an essential tool for the exercise of all other rights. The “CGS Community School” hopes to address this very human right by establishing a free education scheme for the children of deprived and socially marginalized families. The school, equipped with all the modern facilities, aims to promote individual empowerment, alleviate poverty and to foster ideal citizens.

Our children are our Nation's most valuable asset as they are the future leaders of the country. Educating our children is the backbone for socioeconomic development. They represent the bright future of our country and hold our hopes for a better Nation.

The journey of the CGS Community School began on 4th February, 2012 under the close supervision of a teacher with 18 students at the CGS Lower school premises (Play group).  It has ensured availability of a campus, trained teachers, accessibility to equipped classrooms, proper water and sanitation systems in addition to attractive games and outdoor facilities for its students. Within a short time another class consisting of 14 students commenced on April 1st of the same year due to high demand. Currently, there are 46 students in three classes: KG, Grade 1 and Grade 2.

The students begin an enthusiastic day in the daily assembly. It offers sincere teacher supervision, supply of free books, copies, drawing materials, clothes and a healthy meal. As a result, the reputation of  the CGS Community School spread rapidly and children of underprivileged families rushed to get enrolled here.

This philanthropist and community development program continues to expand. On 19th January 2013, the 2nd branch of the CGS Community School started in the CGS Middle School premises at Surson Valley.  This branch is now attended by 67 students in two classes: KG and Grade 1.

CGS Dhaka was not left behind!  On 13 January 2014, it commenced CGS Community School Dhaka branch at its Gulshan 2 campus where 48 students enrolled in two classes: KG and Grade 1.

Recently, the Milon School has been brought under the supervision of CGS Upper as a Community School. The school authority is planning to extend this education program in all campuses of CGS.  They are optimistic to in their ultimate goal towards providing primary education of the underprivileged children of the society or in other words “Education for All”.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To help poor and underprivileged students to become self-reliant
  2. To initiate mental development through primary education
  3. To develop moral and social values among each student
  4. To improve general situation of underprivileged families of the society
  5. To create opportunities of basic education for all school going children at the primary level
  6. To support parents in educating their children
  7. To ensure participation of underprivileged children in the mainstream education
  8. To generate awareness of the rights of the students
  9. To increase literacy rate through quality education to underprivileged children
  10. To contribute to the compulsory primary education program of the government
  11. To extend education opportunities for underprivileged children
  12. To cooperate to achieve the national initiative “Education For All”
  13. To serve to eradicate poverty and establish a civil society in Bangladesh
  14. To prepare children to be social through games and other activities
  15. To shape an ideal citizen through education from an early stage

Facilities of CGS Community School:

  1. Free admission
  2. Free books, copies, pencils, uniform, school bag, shoes and other necessary resources
  3. Free tiffin
  4. Play ground
  5. National curriculum (January to December)
  6. School hour: 3:30 – 6:30 pm, 5 days a week (Sunday – Thursday)
  7. Community School teachers are supervised by CGS teachers
  8. Other activities

Admission related information:

  1. Admission criteria: priority is given to helpless, underprivileged children
  2. No admission fee is required
  3. If candidate is enrolled in any other school
  4. Form distribution starts: 15 November

Required documents to be attached with the admission form:

  1. 2 copies passport size photos of the candidate
  2. Photocopy of the birth certificate of the candidate
  3. 2 copies passport size photos and photocopy of the national ID card of the parents.




Community School Branches

Upper School

321/11 Sarson Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
+88-02333362472, +88-02333355200

Middle School

Surson Valley , 448 / B Joy Nagar , Chatteswari Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh
+8802333361078, +8802333350929,

Lower School

39, K.B. Fazlul Kader Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
+8802333336536, +8801850313928,

CGS Dhaka Elementary

House-8, Road-24, Gulshan-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
+8801324439775, +8801324439777(Admission Hotline: +8801755660850)

CGS Dhaka Primary-Secondary

Block-B, House Numbers- 83, Road No-4, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.
01324439783, (Admission number: 01324439785), (Hotline: 01755660850),


Finlay Zaran, 449, Chatteswari Road, Chawkbazar, Chittagong.
+88-031-2554533, ( )