CGS is diligently monitoring the current COVID-19 situation and is committed to being responsible and supportive while navigating these difficult times and keeping everyone's safety and well-being in mind.

CGS Dhaka Primary-Secondary

Asia Alam Chowdhury

Head of School

Ms. Fitrat Rasheed

Head of Administration

Rokshenda Yasmin

Senior Consultant, Counsellor

Sinora Zaman

Academic Coordinator (Cls.7-10), DH Science & Social Science

Rubaiyat Razzaque

Academic Coordinator (Cls.3-6) & DH English

Samiul Alam

CGSD Core Team Member (Elementary, Pri-Sec).

Emma Clare Burton


Subah Maher


Ashmita rahman

HR Manager

Kanij Rabby Lopa

Administrative Service Officer-HR

Md. Rafiqul Islam

Admin Supervisor & Admin (Cls.7-10)

Dilruba Zakir

Admin Officer & Admin (Cls.3-6)

Ahmadur Rahman

Administrative Service Officer

Md. Samin Iram


Avijit Paul


Md. Masud Khan

Admin Officer

Md. Faysal Hossain

Admin Officer

Md. Abdul Quader Ibrahim

Network and System Administrator

Syed Nahyan Bin Hasnath

Network and System Administrator. Software

Md. Ashikur Rahman

Support Admin - Maintenance

Md. Arifuzzaman

Support Admin.Electrician


Admin Executive - Medical Assistant

H.M. Rummanur Rahman

Admin Associate

Nasir Uddin Faruck

Admin Officer

Abdullah Al Amin

DH Math & ST Add Maths Cl.9, 10

Afroza Jesmeen Keya

CT.9C, DH Bangla & ST.Bangla Cls.9

Mousumi Akter Ap

ST. Games Cls.8-10

Sharmin Hossain

CT.10C , DH Business, ST. Commerce Cls.10 & Economics Cls.8-10

Sadia Jahan

CO.3 & ST.Maths Cls.3

Naima Ruku

ST. Geography Cls.6 & 7, GK Cls.6 & BD Stud Cls.7

Rafiqul Islam

CO.7, ST.ICT Cls.7 & 8 and GP IT Cls.6 & 7

Muhammad Mizanur Rahman

CO Cl.10 & ST Maths- D Cl.10

Fariza Malobika Bashar

CO.8 & ST. Biology Cls.7-8

Tahamina Alam

CO.6, ST. Maths Cls.6

Mahmudur Rahman

CT.7C, ST. Chemistry Cls.7 & Lab Cls.8-10

Salman Hassan

ST. Science Cls.6, & Physics Cls.7CG

Zakia Azizee

CO.9 & ST. English Cls.9

Zarmeen Siddique

CT.3S & ST. English Cls.3

Mahiyath Sadeque Bhuiyan

CT.8C, ST. Add Maths Cls.8 & Maths D Cls.9

Mohammad Anis-Uz-Zaman Iqbal Bhuiyan

ST.BD Studies Cl.8-9

Enon Deb Das

CT.10S & ST. Physics Cls.7S, 9-10

Samira Sultana

ST. Chemistry Cl.8-10

Syed Fazle Arefin

ST. Physics Cl.8-10

Tanzeema Tasneem

CT.9G & ST. Biology Cls.9-10

Naushid Zaman Khan

CT.6S & ST. English Cls.6

Shipra Biswas

ST. Art Cls.3-5

Sazal Kumar Dey

DH Games ST. Games Cls.6-10

Shamima Akhtar

ST. Bangla & Easy Bangla Cls.8

Razib Datta

ST. Art Cls.6 & 7

Md. Saiful Islam

ST Maths-D Cl.8

Samina Rabeya Auny

ST. Accounting Cls.8-10 & Commerce Cls.8

Mohammed Rezaur Rahman

DH Comp. Science, Newsletter CO.

Jayatu Chakma

ST. Art Cls.8-10

Nahida Sultana

ST. Bangla & Easy Bangla Cls.7

Farhana Akther

CT.7G & ST. Maths Cls.7

Rehnuma Sidratul

CT.9S, ST. Bus Stud Cls.8-10 & Commerce Cls.9

Hasanul Karim Raffi

ST. Chemistry Cl.8-10

Alpona Khatun

ST. Games Cls.3-5

Adeeba Binte Ashraf

CT.5C & ST. Maths Cls.5

Anjaye Kumar

DH. Art & ST. Art Cls.8-10

Asadur Rahman Opu

ECA CO-Coordinator

Cynthia Islam

CT.3G, ST. Science & EM Cls.3

Farzana Yasmeen Alam

CT.3C, ST. Social Studies & GK Cls.3-4

Insana Zia

CO.4 & ST. Maths Cls.4

Jesmin Akter

ST. Bangla & Easy Bangla Cls.3

Maliha Sakina Mariam

ST. Science & EM Cls.5

Md. Aminul Haque

ST. Games Cls.3-5

Md. Zahidul Islam

ST. Geography Cls.5 & EM Cls.9-10

Raisa Tamanna Khan

CO.5 & ST. Literature Cl.4-5

Rokaiya Sultana

CT.4G & ST. Bangla & Easy Bangla Cls.4

Rokeya Yeasmin Borna

ST.Music Cls.3-7

Shoana Asad

CT.4C & ST. English Cls.4

Shushmita Reza Soni

CT.4S & ST. Science & EM Cls.4

Sirajum Mahmuda

ST.ICT Cls.3 & 4

Sirajum Monira Bipasha

ST. ICT Cl.5-6

Sobarna Saha

CT.6C, ST. Bangla & Easy Bangla Cls.6

Tahmina Mahmudi

CT.5S, ST. Bangla & Easy Bangla Cls.5

Zarin Tasnim

CT.5G, ST. History Cls.5 & 6 and ST.GK Cls.5

Samia Ahmed

CT.8G & ST. English Cls.8

Saqib Mahtab Khan

ST. Comp Science Cls.9

Abdul Alim Mohiuddin Ahmed Khan


Samin Ahmed

ST English

Nafisa Alam Supti

ST Maths

Fatima Anika

CT.7S, ST. English & Literature Cls.7

Sufia Nuzhat Anika

ST. English Cls.5